SPIFF Midtown November 2017

Opening reception for Rafael Glückstern Gardos and David Padworny at SPIFF Midtown November 2017.

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And a special thanks to our performers: Sachin Shaan and Chris Murphy – Comedians, Patrick Terry – Magician!

Please join us for an evening of Art, Music, Drinks and fun at Spiff for Men on Tuesday November 14th. Featuring artist Rafael Gluckstern & David Padworny , curated by Steven Torrisi. Hosted by NYC Gallery Space!

This event begins at 7:00pm and goes until 9:00pm.

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Rafael Gluckstern-From an early age he began to demonstrate his skills as a draftsman. It is because of this and due to the interest shown in drawing and painting, that he began painting for the first time in oil in 1995. During the summer months of that year, he attended the studio of a local artist in which he began Take your first steps as a painter.

During all these years (from 1995 to the present), his interest in the subject of his works is mainly focused on the landscape and the portrait. Usually making expressive and colorful landscapes, and portraits in which not only the technique stands out, but also the psychological character of the people portrayed.

The post-impressionist, fauvist painting and especially the expressionist painting of the early twentieth century have a great influence for him, and are always an important reference in the realization of his works.

David Padworny was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and he studied and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art. David currently lives and works as a professional artist, with his primary studio located in the Chelsea area of New York.

David primarily employs thick impasto style oil paint and most often produces representations of the figure. His work is instantly recognizable, his style wholly singular. He draws upon current events to inform tone and subject matter, and so his work evolves not just from painting to painting but as static object. The paint, often rising inches off the canvas, beckons the viewer to approach from the sides, to bend their knees and gaze upward, and so can David’s works be interpreted cognitively. David’s paintings span size and shift unrestrained in mood, their impact exceeding their immediate impressions.

Please visit www.Padworny.com to view complete oeuvre.

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Facebook – Rafael Glückstern Gardos
Instagram – @rafaelgluckstern
Website – www.rafaelgluckstern.com/

David Padworny
Facebook- Padworny
Instagram- @padworny
Website- www.padw0rny.com

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